It is in our authentic workshop located in the heart of Marseille, which is full of talents and riches, that are made with passion all our models.

The models thought and imagined by the designer transform into drawings under her pencil stroke.
Then the work of interpretation mixed with the rigorous experience of the modelist, will make it possible to elaborate the patterns of the different models of the collection.
These patterns will then be traced on the mattresses of fabrics and then cut by the expert hands of the cutter.
Finally, the mechanics of garment work, who will assemble the different parts in order to assemble the model. Their training "old-fashioned" allows them to know how to use the hand sewn when it is necessary, in the attention to detail.

It is by carrying out a meticulous work of manufacture that these "little hands", showing a great professionalism as in the big fashion houses, give life to the garments in the respect and tradition of their manual job.